TRG Oncology International offers a variety of consulting services to help determine everything from fair market value for your current equipment to helping you accurately define and assess radiation therapy needs and opportunities in your service area.

TRG Oncology Equipment can review equipment and technology needs based on your current resources and make recommendations for replacement, upgrades or alternative technologies to best serve your needs. From feasibility studies to full center design and build, we provide the resources for all of your radiation oncology needs.

For hospitals we can assess IP vs. O/P needs, establish the scope and direction of oncology care required in your community and project the needs for cancer care in the region.

TRG has created a planning document to help you coordinate your equipment changes and avoid many of the problems you may encounter. Please contact one of our sales representatives for a copy of the planner, or download a copy below, as a good starting point when beginning your project. We can also provide you with installation guides and room plans for capital equipment, with the purchase of most pieces of equipment.

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