TRG Oncology Equipment is proud to offer the following systems available for purchase. All systems are contracted with exclusive rights. Please call for pricing and scheduled availability.

2008 Varian 21iX with RapidArc, SRS, CBCT

This is a late-model, fully loaded, system with low beam-hours and excellent service history. The system is removed and in controlled storage, available for installation at any time.

  • 6, 15 MV photon energy, 6-20 MeV electron energies
  • Includes OBI Kv imager w/ CBCT package (Ver 2.01.05, 1.6.18)
  • 120-leaf Millennium w/ DMLC software package
  • ASi-1000 (IDU20) portal vision w/ E-Arm & 4D workstation
  • Dual Independent Jaws
  • Software Revision: 13.0 system software, Rapid-Arc software, AFS software package
  • Includes SRS Stereotactic package and accessories
  • Includes IGRT Exact couch and turntable, Remote couch option
  • Includes all original accessories, test phantoms, complete set of Cone/wedges
  • Approximately 2,500 beam hours
  • Type-3 accessories

2004 Varian 21EX-D w/ OBI, CBCT

This is an excellent low cost option for an option-rich OBI/ CBCT solution. System beam-hours are extremely low as unit was previously in a low volume center.

  • 6, 18 MV photon energy, 6-20 MeV electron energies
  • 120 Millennium MLC w/ Low Profile Controller
  • OBI (Added in 2010)
  • Portal Vision (IDU11 MV panel)
  • CBCT
  • 4DiTC IGMA – software version 11.1
  • MLC – software version 7.5
  • OBI IGMA– software version 1.5
  • 1100 Beam hours
  • All available spares included.

2003 Varian 21EX w/OBI, CBCT

Another low cost option for a OBI/ CBCT solution. Includes ASi-1000 PV imager with E-arm. Sale price includes removal costs.

  • 6 & 18 MV photons, 6-20 MeV electrons
  • Includes OBI imager with CBCT package
  • 120 MLC w. DMLC
  • ASi- 1000 PV w/ E-arm
  • Includes Exact couch and turntable
  • Approximately 1,850 beam hours
  • Includes system 4DITC workstation and all original accessories.
  • All available spares included.

2003 Varian 21EX Silhouette

  •  6 & 10 MV photons, 6-20 MeV electrons
  • Includes 4DITC workstation
  • 120 MLC w. DMLC
  • ASi- 1000 PV w/ E-arm
  • Includes Exact couch and turntable
  • Includes all available spare parts
  • Approximately 1,800 beam-hours
  • Includes system workstations and all original accessories.

2006 GE LightSpeed RT Wide Bore 16 Slice CT

Perfect choice for radiation oncology needs. Large-bore for positioning options, speed of 16-slice simulator. Includes system installation through acceptance.

  • Tube replaced Feb 2017
  • Estimated usage at deinstall <20m mAs
  • Software level 11BW4.3
  • XR-29 Compliant
  • Software options – Patient 16 slice, Wide View, Auto mA, Smart Prep, Helical Tilt,
  • 3000 Image Series, Direct 3D, Direct MPR.
  • Data Export, Copy Composer, Smart Speed
  • Hi-Power, Slice 0.625, Connect Pro
  • Respiratory Triggering
  • Includes Shipping, Installation through acceptance, first-scan guarantee

The sale price on removed units includes removal costs, storage and guarantee of functionality on installation. All systems will give your facility cost effective upgrade solutions with years of continued quality use for treatments. Please contact us for details on the system that will best fit your needs. We can also help you locate specific systems if you do not see what you need here.

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