A Trusted Voice in Determining Radiation Oncology Equipment Fair Market Value

TRG Oncology International has been buying and selling systems for over 20-years and are experts in the radiation oncology equipment field. We work directly with manufacturers to provide valuations for trade-in systems as well as many leading lenders for lease buy-out options on financed equipment. As with any type of equipment, there are a number of factors that affect the system value over the life of the unit. These include age, configuration, physical condition, functionality and projected end of life. Using this as well as other criteria, TRG Oncology International is able to compare equipment with similar systems and determine the current market value. We have an extensive database that allows us to track systems currently installed, being considered for sale or that have recently sold. This gives us a unique overview of the marketplace and how specific pieces of equipment fit into that landscape.

Some of our current and past clients include:

  • Varian Medical systems
  • US Oncology
  • Bank of America
  • Elekta Medical
  • Guidepoint Global
  • BJC Healthcare
  • Davidson, Jamieson & Cristini, PL
  • OnCure
  • TVG Capital

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