Accessories, Options & Upgrades

In an effort to provide our customers with a single resource for additional equipment often associated with a new center build or a vault upgrade, TRG Oncology International can provide quotes for any of the optional equipment and upgrades listed in the categories below. We can offer recommendations for equipment from our preferred vendors or locate specific equipment needed from your manufacturer of choice. We occasionally have used selections for some options and will quote them as an alternative when available.

Water Chillers

Linear accelerators have a required range for water temperature in the cooling system. The cooling water requirement can be satisfied with a one-pass system (domestic supply and waste return- provided annual ambient water temperatures do not exceed the system limits) or a closed-loop system. Closed loop systems are 3rd party water chillers that are configured for specific model linacs. If a closed-loop system is used, a domestic supply can be used as a back-up system. Although most water and sanitary districts restrict the use of one-pass cooling, it can generally be utilized in a backup capacity. TRG Oncology Equipment recommends Cold Shot Water Chillers for all models of linacs and CT’s as needed. Cold Shot medical chillers are available in a variety of sizes and can be customized to meet any specification you might need.

Power Conditioners

A power conditioner can be a wise choice to protect your larger capital equipment investment. Recommended by most vendors, although not required, a power conditioner protects the system from dirty power at locations such as brown outs and power spikes. You can have your contractor perform a power survey at your location to determine if a UPS or power conditioner is necessary. TRG Oncology Equipment is a preferred dealer for TEAL power technology.

Teal is the leading developer of integrated power management systems. Concentrating on power exclusively, they know the intricacies of electricity, especially how to meet medical industry-specific challenges, and will work as an extension of your own engineering staff. TEAL will put you in tight control of your power quality.

TEAL is uniquely qualified to provide our customers with the engineering, manufacturing and customer service support needed for a new power subsystem program. TEAL is the best power solution to protect your equipment investment.

Moving Laser Systems

Whether you need accurate patient immobilization devices, precise patient positioning lasers or a proven block cutting and casting system, Diacor© provides the tools you need to do your job quickly, accurately and safely. TRG Oncology Equipment is proud to feature the following Diacor products for all of your critical care and treatment needs.

Centralite© Patient Positioning Laser System: A family of low-power lasers designed for accurate patient positioning. Precise patient positioning lasers provide the tools you need to do your job quickly, accurately and safely. Used lasers are sometimes included as part of a linac system sale (It will be listed as a line item on the contract if included). In the event that lasers are not being removed with the linac being purchased, or the lasers available are not adequate, TRG can provide you with a selection of new and used patient positioning laser options. TRG is proud to be a reseller for new Diacor moving laser systems.

MammoRx© Patient Immobilization System: A line of patient immobilization devices that accurately establish and reproduce breast and patient positions for radiation treatment.

MammoRx© carbon fiber immobilization boards: The MammoRx© Immobilization System is a total solution that helps therapists quickly set up patients during simulation and easily reproduces settings throughout a treatment schedule.

In-room CCTV

It is typically necessary to provide one or two CCTV cameras in the room to monitor patient treatment. TRG Oncology Equipment provides a number of options for compatible systems. The CCTV cameras are usually located off each side of the equipment’s longitudinal axis (Do not locate cameras in the primary beam path). There are a variety of options available for CCTV solutions. We can work with you to help determine the best system to meet your needs and budget.

High-Dose Rate Afterloaders (HDR), Brachytherapy

TRG Oncology Equipment carries the most in demand HDR systems including Varian Verisource, GammaMed and Nucletron MicroSelectons systems.

HDR brachytherapy demands reliable, safe equipment that can be configured easily to accommodate the unique physical attributes of any patient. The GammaMed system, introduced in 1964, was the first remote controlled HDR Iridium afterloader in the world. This system has enjoyed a longstanding reputation for performance, reliability and affordability.

The VariSource series advances high dose rate brachytherapy. Making use of the latest technology, the VariSource series provides a number of unique features and highest product specifications, making it the first choice among radiation oncology professionals. We can provide turnkey packages that include sources, installation and service recommendations.

Conventional Simulators

CT Simulators have replaced conventional simulators in most radiation therapy departments. However, conventional simulators are sometimes desirable for their simplicity or capability of performing specific types of imaging tasks.

We’re proud to feature Varian simulators and can locate and deliver any of the following types of conventional simulators:

  • Varian Acuity and Ximitron CX series radiographic and fluoroscopic simulators.
  • Oldelft/Nucletron Simulix-HP, Simulix-MC, and Simulix-Y radiographic and fluoroscopic simulators.
  • Kermath TSL-XY radiographic and fluoroscopic simulators.
  • Toshiba LX-30A and LX-40 radiographic and fluoroscopic simulators.


TRG Oncology Equipment focuses on delivering the latest model, highest quality MRIs at the most competitive prices. Choosing the right MRI for your facility can be a difficult process. We will help you find the system that will meet your performance criteria while still being cost-effective.

Our specialists can help you navigate the choices that purchasing an MRI entails, including:

  • Open vs. short bore vs. long bore
  • Low field vs. high field vs. midfield
  • Shielded vs. unshielded
  • Mobile vs. fixed
  • Gradient strength
  • Echo planer
  • Phased array, Surface coils, etc.

We will ensure that the MRI you purchase will satisfy all your requirements with respect to performance, capabilities, upgradeability and reliability.

Linear Accelerator Options

System installation: TRG Oncology Equipment can deliver and rig in equipment to manufacturer’s original equipment specifications. This includes shipping, insurance and rigging. The system is installed through manufacturer’s standard acceptance tests. Buyer will be responsible for the connection of the equipment to the utilities. Buyer is also responsible to prepare the installation site to specifications outlined by the equipment manufacturer prior to installation. Preparation includes all necessary floor preparation, power, water, and cooling requirements as outlined by the manufacturer. Quote will vary depending on system configuration, location and rigging logistics.

Some installation options include:

  • New interconnect system cable set
  • Replacement of system water hoses
  • New System paint in a choice of colors
  • New system base frame.
  • System energy reconfiguration
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