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Thinking of upgrading, replacing or simply getting rid of your old equipment? TRG Oncology International is your solutions provider for any planned equipment changes. Let us prove to you why we’re the right choice for even the most demanding jobs. TRG has an established history of working with new equipment vendors and local contractors to ensure that your project deadlines are met. Because our focus is strictly in the radiation oncology market, we understand the inherent cycles and are comfortable working with long lead times. Often this means making an evaluation and contractual commitment many months before the targeted equipment removal dates. We encourage you to contact us in the early stages of your upgrade or replacement project to ensure you receive the best market values for your current equipment. Please contact one of our equipment experts today to discuss your upcoming plans or removal requirements.

Selling A Linear Accelerator: Frequently Asked Questions

Should I require a deposit from the buyer?

Yes, a deposit should always be required, from the buyer. This ensures that you have a serious buyer, and not someone unnecessarily tying up your system, while shopping for a buyer. Typically, the deposit becomes non-refundable, after an on-site inspection is performed. We suggest 10% of the purchase price for under $100K or $10K, for over $100K.

How do I know if the offer price is reasonable?

Establish how they arrived at the offer price. The price should be established, based on current supply and demand, of similar systems in the linear accelerator used market, as well as recent, closed sales, of similar systems. The purchase price is also established by factoring in age, usage, service history, major components and features, and any upgrades.

What if I am told my system has no value?

A system may not have any resale value in the used market. (Even if your system has upgrades and is still being used to treat patients.) If there are a number of newer systems, compared to the one that you are replacing, with similar features, and less beam hours, available to buyers of used linear accelerators, then you may not be able to get any money for the system. In some cases, an offer can be made to pay for the removal costs, in order to use the system for parts only. If this is not an option, TRG can help by providing you with a quote for removal.

When should I consider finding a buyer for my linear accelerator?

We suggest at least 6 months prior to the targeted removal date as ideal, whenever possible. This will give your buyer an ample amount of time to perform all due diligence, plan the removal, rigging, and installation for their project. It helps to have everything “locked in” far in advance, so that you are not scrambling at the last minute to coordinate the sale. Timing also directly impacts the potential value of the system. If a very short removal date is presented to a potential buyer, the value of the system can be diminished as well. Without sufficient time to plan, your buyer may not have as many options to place the system with one of their projects.

How do I know if the prospective buyer is reputable and reliable?

Ask for references. Ask if they have ever defaulted on a transaction. Find out how long they have been in business. At TRG, we work closely with a number of the largest linear accelerator companies and we have been in business for over 15 years. References should be from buyers and sellers that they have worked with and should indicate what type of service or system they sold and when.

My potential buyer wants to “shop: the system around, before committing with a contract and deposit, is this a good idea?

Don’t allow anyone to “shop” your equipment without a signed agreement. Often, a system can become over exposed, actually reducing the inevitable selling price. An exception to this would be if you are told the system has limited or no value and the offer to “shop” the system around is simply in an effort to get you as much as possible and/or cover removal costs.

Am I responsible for the coordination of removal and the costs associated with removal?

It is standard practice, that the buyer is responsible for all reasonable removal costs. An exception to this would be if your facility requires additional construction work, to provide adequate access for removal. While you will want to work closely with the rigging company and buyer to ensure that the timing of the removal is agreeable and the pathway prepped properly, the selection of the company and cost associated are typically not the seller’s responsibility.

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