Under Section 179 of the new tax law you can write-off the whole amount (subject to a limit of $2,500,000 in total capital equipment purchases).  Even with the reduced corporate tax rate of 21% this will give you a tax savings of $73,500 this year!  Here is a great example:  Assume you buy or lease one of our excellent Varian systems with a net cost of $350,000*.  You can obtain financing for less than $7,000 per month for sixty months and at the end of this period you will own the system outright!  We also have an alternative option where you can pay only about $1,750 per month for the first three months and thereafter only about $7,295 per month for the remainder of the term.  This “ramp-up” option allows you to bill and collect payments so that you have time to build up your cash flow with little or no out-of-pocket. AND HERE’S A BIG ADDED INCENTIVE!  You’ll be able to deduct the entire cost of all the equipment, including any software and other related costs, from your 2019 tax return.   THIS CASH SAVINGS IS MORE THAN YOUR TOTAL PAYMENTS FOR THE YEAR BASED ON THE DEFERRED PAYMENT EXAMPLE ABOVE!! (*Note: This example is based on the total amount financed.  This can include shipping, installation, sales tax and other related costs even to include room prep so that your project is financed on a turnkey basis.  Please check with your tax advisor for how the new tax law will apply to your specific situation.)  We have systems available in all price ranges and we provide extensive service and support.  For information on financing or leasing please contact Alan Ross at 818.222.9940 or by email at arross200@gmail.com

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