Veterinary Radiation Oncology Equipment

TRG Oncology Equipment is a proud equipment provider to the veterinary community to help keep pets happy and healthy. A growing number of veterinary facilities have added linear accelerators, superficial systems, CT’s and other radiation therapy equipment as an important component of a multimodality approach to treating cancer in animals.

TRG Oncology Equipment is committed to providing cost effective, current technology, to the veterinary community as this field continues to grow and expand. In addition to providing affordable solutions to universities and treatment facilities alike, we understand the unique requirements that veterinarians require compared to traditional oncology centers when looking at equipment options.

veterinaryVeterinary radiation oncology became a recognized specialty in 1994. It is important to understand the many aspects of radiation, including the equipment used in external beam radiation therapy to determine which solution will best meet your facility and client needs. Radiation therapy can be used in combination with surgery and/or chemotherapy to provide permanent control or elimination of a tumor. Even if the tumor cannot be destroyed, at least shrinking the tumor may improve the quality of life of the animal by reducing pressure, bleeding, or pain.

The primary delivery system for radiation therapy is the linear accelerator. TRG Oncology Equipment provides a large selection of linear accelerators to choose from to best meet your facility needs. We also offer other radiation oncology equipment including superficial systems that can be used in many animal cancer cases (For example, Lymphoma in both cats and dogs responds well to this type of radiation therapy).

Additionally, Oral tumors and tumors within the nasal cavity can be treated with radiation therapy. Brain tumors have been successfully treated, as have small skin tumors, including some mast cell tumors and squamous cell carcinomas. Superficial and Orthovoltage systems works well for these types of cancers and can be easily installed and implemented at your facility for costs much lower than a linear accelerator. The depth dose treatment capability of a centimeter or more from these systems provides the ability to handle up to 50-60% of small animal cancers that are normally referred to vet oncology treatment centers. There are currently two superficial systems in operation at luminary sites in Norwalk, Connecticut and Ventura, California. These facilities are instrumental in the development of veterinary treatment standards and expanded applications of the system.

As the healthcare landscape becomes increasingly competitive, providers are continually striving to optimize their return on investment. TRG’s owners have spent years developing and refining our business model to assist our clients in obtaining a maximum value for their dollar. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has resulted in our being the preferred supplier to many of the most prestigious centers in the US.

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